Patti Morelli

Author        Poet

UNSHIELDED PAST: Published 08/14/2017

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Unshielded Past picks up where Shielded Past left off. It's packed with suspense, murder, drama, and a bit of the supernatural. Samantha reappears to warn Annie and Andrew, about the danger that is about to happen. The question is -- who really is in danger? 

New characters are introduced: the woman seen at the hospital demolition, Gregg's stepbrother whose motive is unknown, a family of policemen, the FBI, the legal system, and a father with an unsavory background. They all help to tell the tale and expose the secrets and horrors that they carry. Annie and Andrew seek the answers to her mother’s abandonment, the abuse she endured from her father and who killed all those women? Who is out to harm Kate, Annie's best friend? Some of those answers are welcomed blessings, others are heartbreaking, but the real threat is to Annie including everything she treasures and even her very life. 

Unshielded Past makes us realize how important family, good friends, and persevering are the keys to happiness. There are multiple surprises throughout each of the chapters. With every turn of the page, this story becomes more entwined and intriguing, keeping you wondering and guessing until the very end.