Patti Morelli

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When I first started reading this book I was skeptical.... There are a lot of elements in the beginning that caused me to think " this book is not for me." Luckily, I kept reading cause this book has it ALL. Mystery, murder, love, friendship, and much more! Thank god for my determination no never not finish a book! I would be throughly disjointed in myself if I would have put this book down.  

The characters come to life when you read this book! You will feel fear, heartbreak, love and all the emotions!! Literally, all the emotions!!! People, seriously, you WILL fall in love with this story.

The mystery behind the hospital and Kate's life, will twist and turn and take u down roads you never thought. 

If you want to be throughly surprised by the plot and character twists, this is your book.  

I want to tell you all the secrets.. But, alas, I will not :/. This just means... Simply put.... Quit reading my damn post and go immerse yourself into this book! 

4 out of 5 baubles!!!!! 

Great book! I love this author and I want more!!

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