Patti Morelli

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Ebook Planet

By Egress Emeritus on September 22, 2015

Format: Paperback

After a rocky start, Kate's life was becoming everything she'd ever hoped for. Orphaned at a young age and living in and out of foster care, Kate is now a successful regional manager for department stores in the greater New York City area. Now, Kate is newly married to Gregg Lawson, an architectural designer and handsome man that Kate was smitten with since she first laid eyes on him. The two are able to buy a dilapidated house for very cheap in Marlboro, New Jersey because of its proximity to an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Gregg fixes up the house to be a dream house, and Kate is overjoyed with their new home until she sees a light on in the hospital from her window. What starts as a curious fascination with the nature of that light becomes a thread that unravels virtually every aspect of Kate's life, from the identity of her mother to a mysterious activity that her husband is involved in.

Packed with suspense and mystery, this was a thoroughly engaging book from start to finish. There were multiple surprises throughout each of the chapters, culminating with a big reveal and a suspenseful finish. Elements of romance, suspense, drama, horror, and even the supernatural can be found in this story, and they blend together very well as Kate and her friend Annie dig compulsively into information that proves to be both rewarding and dangerous to the both of them. The characters are well-rounded and fascinating, from the bubbly Annie to the nefarious and twisted Dr. Reisner, and the climax proves to be both satisfying and exciting for readers. Considering the inclusion of some rather dark subject material, readers with frail sensibilities may need to sleep with the lights on after uncovering the mysteries of this story.