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Shielded Past by Patti Morelli

Review – Shielded Past by Patti Morelli

The romantic marriage proposal, the perfect house in the New Jersey suburbs, and the promise of a real family. Patti Morelli’s Shielded Past introduces thirty four year old Kate Lawson, who was stepping into the dawn of a life she had dreamed of since her days of transience in foster care through her lonely twenties.

It was finally happening for her. When handsome Gregg Lawson came to her perfume counter in a Manhattan Macy’s looking for a men’s cologne, he left without a purchase but with Kate’s heart in his back pocket. From that point on, only their future together mattered.

The young couple embark on their life together by renovating their new home and preparing for the arrival of their first child in the shadows of the closed down Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital.

When a skittish Kate finds herself alone more often than she is accustomed to because Gregg needs to work frequent long-term projects out of town, she begins to feel unsettling emotions she cannot explain as strange dreams, noises in the house, and lights from the old hospital keep her awake at night.

With a feeling of safety secured through the support and companionship of her lifelong friend, Annie, Kate is able to temporarily fill the empty and uneasy days of Gregg’s absence. Encouraged by Annie, Kate yearns for maternal influences, and the pregnancy compels her to delve into her shielded past to find her birth mother which unravels a family history she was not emotionally prepared for; a past that NO ONE was prepared for.

Complete with a private investigator, Shielded Past lays out the clues of Kate’s tragic childhood through a loyal friend, a ghostly presence, an abusive murderer, a quiet stranger, and more!

Each discovery demands an almost sadistic investigation through torture, bloodied secrets, and imprisonment to satisfy truth-seekers. Morelli strategically puts the parallel lives of her many characters on paths that methodically intersect with Kate at unexpected junctures, providing only a residue of suggestion that will tease the curiosity of readers all the way to the final sentence!