Patti Morelli

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Megan rated it ***** it was amazing

when I read a great novel, to me it is about much more than just creative world building or unique plot (as those are pretty rare), but the strength in the characterizations. What REAL people do in REAL situations, even if those people are somewhat ‘extraordinary’ (or not even ‘people’-Samantha-) or the situations are unusual or extreme…. As happens here a lot. As long as they are relatable and we can see ourselves in the pages, it is a success. I’ve read a few of Patti Morelli’s books now, and in “Unshielded Past” (the follow up to “Shielded Past”) she delivers once again with lovable/hatable and dynamic leads, but the supporting characters are also really well developed and all of them add something to the plot, be they good or bad. It was easy to read, not overly complicated, just a great story written without dragging things out... It's one of the those books you pick up and just finish before you realized it's over, like eating comfort food, the simplicity, yet character- and action-packed pages and authentic dialogue were great. I enjoyed underline tension that compelled me to not stop reading, as it does have its darker side. We never feel ‘safe’ as the threat of conflict on some level is always near, but that’s what kept me so hooked. When I was finished I closed my Kindle and smiled, for it was a good read.... I'll read more novels by Morelli for sure (less)

Jan 30, 2018BellaReadz rated it *****it was amazing

"Unshielded Past” was a complex, engaging read that reminded me of an intense 15 round boxing match (pardon the odd comparison). Just nonstop intensity, maneuvering, attack and retreat, action and danger… and you wonder who will emerge victorious through it all. Great characters, crazy conflicts (internal and external) and solid, authentic dialogues. The only thing that bothers me is the erratic pacing at times – it almost feels like a standstill and I find myself anxious for something to happen while there is so much going on…(like boxers dancing around the ring but not punching each other). And there were times where I was at odds with some of the characters and their roles, questioning their necessity. But the overall storyline is riveting and it’s just a sheer pleasure to go along for this tumultuous and wild ride. This is one of those stories that sorta sneaks up on you without even realizing it and gets inside your head and you are totally invested whether you realize it or not. Was happy with some of the characters’ fates, saddened at others. Like that it’s not a stereotypical “happy ever after” because that would miss the whole point. Not bleak, but not a ‘light hearted happy read’. But one that is real, has substance, and make you a part of the authentic human experience in the most shocking and profound ways----just the way a great book should do. (less)