Patti Morelli

Author        Poet

Our life is a beautiful garden

Where many seeds have been planted

Each flower grows alone

With vibrant colors and scents

Then emerges that one special flower

The magical flower

This flower does not stand alone

The color not any brighter than the others

The scent not any stronger

Just one look and you see the magic

The flower's beauty is within

It carries a special love and warmth

To be shared by all

It has spread it's love year after year

It is left untouched, so through the years

Each generation can see it's magic

The magic is not it's beauty

The magic is not it's strength

The magic is love

The love this flower makes me see

The flower has shown kindness

It gives us warmth, teaches us strength

Lets us see the beauty within ourselves

As the flower aged it never lost its magic

One day the flower was gone

But the magic never left

I can no longer see the flower with my eyes

But close them once

And there it stands in my mind and heart always

My Nanny

My Magic Flower