Patti Morelli

Author        Poet

We all look at many of natures gifts'

Have you ever looked at this tree and seen yourself

The tree, just as we, lives as we do

In the beginning only roots from its ancestors

As the tree grows a foundation is formed

The tree, just as we, must branch out to new beginnings

With each branch grown a new experience occurs

With each branch leaves and flowers bloom

The tree grows tall, wise and beautiful

Now I must branch out, but never to forget

That our friendship is truly rooted

As in the tree, we branched out to new beginnings

In those years, we grew tall, wise and even beautiful

In many ways, we gained strength from each other

A person must grow and leave behind friends and memories

Special friends never to be forgotten

The memories, the experiences, are now part of me

Only true friends can see the growth as happiness

I consider you a very special branch

In my tree of life