Patti Morelli

Author        Poet

BOOK REVIEW 11/30/2017

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

Unshielded Past by Patti Morelli is a sequel to Shielded Past, a story that features interesting elements of mystery and thriller, strong and rock-solid characters, and endearing pathos that rubs off powerfully on the reader. The story revolves around a cast of characters, each burdened with questions and events that need clarity. Annie and Andrew receive a strong warning about an impending danger. They still can’t understand their mother’s abandonment and why their father abused her in many ways. But most disturbing is the mystery of the murders. The reader is invited to navigate a dangerous terrain with these characters, every moment unsure of what could happen next, yet curious to find out more.

Patti Morelli lures readers with the sweetness of her prose, telling her story with great precision when it comes to descriptions, and the dialogues are crafted to read as real-life conversations. Her economy of words is impeccable and the balance is neatly perceivable when it comes to the use of literary elements. The subplots are used to create a biting sense of suspense, keeping readers gripped as they turn from one to the next engrossing page. Unshielded Past features an interesting cast of characters, including the FBI, a mysterious woman, and other believable characters that will stick with readers even after the story is finished. The author’s handling of themes is also wonderful and readers will enjoy how she weaves family, love, compassion, murder, justice and the quest for truth into the narrative. Here is a book with great potential to entertain readers and remind them of the human values that make life worth living.